St. Peter & St. Paul Church, Belton has for many years been supported by the regular generous stewardship giving from our congregation, wider parish and even broader range of supporters. However for a tiny village the running cost can soon exceed our resources and so we are equally very grateful to the visitors to our beautiful church for their donations in our alms box (emptied every day).

We are at present starting a long planned restoration of the top of our Church tower. The stonework, long ago pointed with hard mortar, is being slowly eroded and sections of stone need replacing, this is going to involve the scaffolding of the complete tower to enable the work. Clearly we will be trying for grant aid but we also need as much other help with the funding for this project as possible.

If you feel able to support us we will be enormously grateful – If so, please read on.

Ways to Support 

  • In the Alms box at the back of the Church
  • By becoming a regular planned giver- please contact for the appropriate forms